Tagging Motion with Music

Connect Kinect to PC (Follow this)

Run OSCSkeleton (Download here)

Run MAX/MSP (Download here)

Run the KinectOSC file (Download here)


Depth Visualizer

Install Frameworks (Download here)

Run Depth Visualizer (Download here)


Kinect Recording Kit

Records Videos with Kinect. Saves Skeletal Tracking Outputs. Plays key frames with skeletal tracking. One can use the Skeletal Tracking information for human action analysis and recognition tasks.

(Download here)


K-10 Interaction Dataset

An Interaction dataset captured in a markerless motion capture environment with Kinect. Please find the details in the thesis report.

Coming Soon..


Tagging Motion into Interactions

Template Matching Method for Recognising Two-Person Interactions. Define your own set of interactions and test the recognition performance.

Coming Soon...


Master's Thesis

Multimodal Tagging of Human Motion Using Skeletal Tracking With Kinectâ„¢ [pdf]


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